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At Fliszar Law Office, we welcome criminal defense cases in the Lehigh Valley area. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, aggressive criminal defense representation. We can diligently and strategically handle a broad array of serious criminal defense matters. Our approach to the law is based on the founding principle that all individuals should be able to secure skilled, motivated, and strategic criminal defense counsel. We understand that, to the accused, no criminal charge is a small matter.

“Best attorney in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!” Zachary D.

Potential penalties are severe and include jail time, fines, and/or probation. If you or one of your family members has been charged with with a crime in the Lehigh Valley, you need a tough criminal defense lawyer to help protect your rights. Our criminal defense team can begin fighting for a favorable outcome in your case immediately.

We work to reduce the charges you will actually face, and to minimize the consequences or seek outright dismissal of your case. Call (484) 498-4100 for a free consultation.

Protect your future and reduce the impact of what happens in the present.
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Drug Possession Charges
Drug Possession Charges

Whether you were caught with marijuana, pills, cocaine, heroin, meth, or other drugs, you could be facing serious punishments. Learn more…

DUI Defense
DUI Defense

An experienced DUI defense lawyer may be able to demonstrate holes in the government’s case against you and get your charges dropped or reduced.

Felony Offenses
Felony Offenses

Our criminal justice system is designed to be adversarial, meaning that they want a conviction, and will work against you to get it.

  • Dangerous Dog Defense
  • Pet Custody
  • Pet Trusts
  • Evictions
  • Dog Lemon Law
  • Cost of Care
  • Animal Welfare
Cruelty to animals is illegal in Pennsylvania, as it is across the country.

As pets become increasingly important parts of our lives, we encounter more legal issues involving animals. At Fliszar Law Office, we love our pets and know that you do too. We handle a variety of issues involving animals, including dangerous dog defense, pet custody, wrongful death of a companion animal, pet trusts, and civil rights issues involving pets.

The law in Pennsylvania is comprehensive and detailed, covering many different forms of animal mistreatment. Some of the legal provisions are specific to certain types of animals, including service dogs, homing pigeons, baby chicks, and zoo animal. Call (484) 498-4100 today to find out how we can help you.


Even the best drivers can make mistakes on the road. Just one blemish on your record can have lasting consequences.

If you have received a citation for speeding, reckless driving, driving under suspension, careless driving, or any other driving infraction, don’t just pay your ticket and move on.

Regardless of how unimportant your ticket may appear, it’s essential to have an experienced traffic attorney review your case.

Whether we can assist you or not in this matter, we will advise you of the best action to take in handling your ticket. Throughout Pennsylvania, we handle speeding tickets, DUI, driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving with no insurance, failure to appear, misdemeanor violations, red light tickets, hit and run, reckless driving, overweight tickets, drug possession, DMV hearings, log book violations and any other moving violations.


Please scan/fax a clear copy of your traffic ticket, and any proofs needed for your case to us. Make sure to include your call back number on this information if sending a fax.


  1. Your Traffic Ticket
  2. If You Received A Courtesy Notice, Please Send
  3. Proofs Of Correction, If Cited For Correctable Violation (window tint, front plate, insurance)
  • Scan and email or fax (484) 284-5100 (you can take a clear picture with your cell phone and email us the ticket, make sure to include your phone number)
  • Make sure you include a call back number in your email or fax.
  • We will call you to confirm receipt and verify information.
  • If you do not hear from us, then assume we did not get your fax or email. Please call our office to confirm: (484) 498-4100

Social Security Disability

Applying for your Social Security Disability benefits can be a complicated and long-winded process, but a necessary one for those who are dealing with a major injury that has put them out of work. Unfortunately, many people who find themselves in the position of needing this safety net, because an injury or illness has left them unable to work, are shocked to see their claims routinely denied for anything short of a catastrophic injury.

If you live in the Lehigh Valley and have been denied SSD insurance, realize that you are not alone. Most people receive initial denials, but appeals are not hopeless. In fact, well over half of all denied applications are approved on appeal. Attorney Jenna Fliszar is a dedicated Social Security disability attorney and can help you qualify for benefits that they had previously been denied.

Often, when a Social Security disability claim is denied, it is because the person’s injury failed to meet Social Security’s requirements for what a disability is.

In order to qualify as disabled, a claimant must have a serious physical or mental impairment which prevents that claimant from engaging in any substantial gainful activity and that can be expected to last for at least 12 months or result in death. Each of the terms within this definition has its own unique meaning within the Social Security program.

Your Social Security disability lawyer works with you to determine your eligibility and fights for you if you are turned down.

The Social Security Administration also uses a list of diseases and medical conditions – often referred to as “listings” – to determine if a medical impairment is serious enough to prevent a person from working. If the claimant does not meet a listing, then other circumstances are evaluated to determine whether their impairment fits the definition of “disabled.”

Social Security Disability Appeals Process:

If an attorney evaluates your claim and determines that you were wrongfully denied, they will begin preparing an appeal for you. This involves gathering any necessary medical records, as well as possibly receiving a written opinion from the physician treating you.

The appeals process for Social Security disability is a complicated one, one that includes four levels.

Reconsideration: A reconsideration of a disability claim consists of a full review of the application by a new Social Security reviewer. In this stage, your disability attorney may submit any new evidence that is available in support of the claim.

Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge: If the Social Security Administration denies the reconsideration, your attorney may request a hearing. An administrative law judge presides over this hearing. At the hearing, your disability attorney will present evidence to the judge in support of your claim for disability benefits. Your attorney may use an expert witness to explain to the judge why you qualify for disability benefits.

Review by the Appeals Council: If the administrative law judge denies your claim, you may request a review by the Social Security Appeals Council. The Appeals Council considers all requests for review, but it may deny a request for review if it believes the hearing decision was correct.

Federal Court Review: If the claim is still denied at the conclusion of the appeals process, your attorney may file a lawsuit in federal court seeking to overturn the SSA’s denial of benefits.

Don’t hesitate to give yourself the chance at getting the Social Security disability benefits that you are entitled to. Fliszar Law Office may be able to help you. Fill out our free consultation form at no cost to learn more about your options.