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A Guide to Pressing Charges for Identity Theft

Have you had your life turned upside down by identity theft? Are your credit reports and bank statements in tatters? If so, you know what it feels like to be a victim of one of the fastest-growing modern crimes. 

Luckily, it is easier than you think to get your life back on track after identity fraud. Read on to find out how to do it and start pressing charges for identity theft. 

Federal Trade Commission

The first step you should take is to notify the Federal Trade Commission and complete an identity theft affidavit, which is part of their recovery plan. This affidavit is proof that your identity was stolen, and can be used for your creditors and credit reporting. It consists of three parts; updates, progress tracking, and the affidavit to give to creditors. 

It is a very important document that helps you solve the problems created by identity theft. However, the process is best done online as if done over the phone, they can not provide the documents you need. 

The form can be accessed on their webpage where you can report the fraud at the same time. Once printed, you will need to have it signed in front of a notary. 

Pressing Charges For Identity Theft

Next, you should start by contacting your local police department. Report any newly opened accounts or any charges made to credit and debit cards in your name. When giving a police report be as detailed as possible, as details that may seem trivial to you may be crucial to police prosecution. 

Before visiting the police, make sure to get your credit reports. You should not have to pay, as they are free to people who have suffered identity fraud. Hand your credit reports to the police and attach them to any statements.

If you know the identity of the fraudster or a creditor needs a police report, then you must report the incident to the police. You should also let them know immediately if someone has used your identity in dealing with them, to escape punishment for a crime. 

The report the police make will start the process and investigation. They must complete a thorough investigation before they can make arrests, so expect this to take time. This is the point at which you may wish to contact a lawyer for identity theft. 

Other Agencies

Depending upon the nature of identity theft, you may need to report the crime to other agencies. For example, if your health insurance has been fraudulently accessed, then you need to tell Medicare directly. They have a specialist fraud office which you can contact here

Tax identity theft must be reported to the IRS. They also have a dedicated fraud and identity theft department. If mail was used against you for the purpose of identity theft, you can also contact the U.S. postal service and get a report from them.

Preventing ID Theft Again

While anyone can be a victim of identity theft, you can implement some changes so you do not end up pressing charges for identity theft once again. These include keeping your personal details and passwords safe and sharing less information online and on social media. 

Fliszar Law Office can help you press charges and reclaim your life after identity theft. We provide serious defense for serious situations, and none are more serious and urgent than identity theft. Call us today to discuss your case and get your life back on track immediately!

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