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How Can an Expungement Lawyer Help You?

A past conviction or old arrest on your record can affect your life going forward. It can interfere with you getting a good job or even volunteering for charity. When there’s a background check involved, your record will appear.

An expungement lawyer can give you an expunge definition and explain the expunge meaning. They can also explain the expunge record process and how you move forward.

Here’s how an expungement lawyer can help you.

An Expungement Lawyer Takes Care of the Legal Process

An expungement lawyer can help by first accessing the expunge record. This means gathering any and all criminal records you want to clear. You’ll also need to know the penalties in each case and the times served.

The attorney will then draft a petition for a judge, and a hearing will take place. Other parties must also be present for the hearing, and your lawyer will notify those other parties. 

Your expungement lawyer will then present the case to the court to define the expunge meaning and the expunge definition. 

Law enforcement and the courts can still view the expunge records, but they are no longer in view to the general public. 

The court rarely challenges an expunge record. The court grants the proper paperwork, and the client moves on with their life. 

Clear Your Name

By hiring an expungement lawyer, you can help clear your name from any past marks against you. 

Even if a judge dismisses those charges or there’s a not guilty verdict in the case, the charges remain on your record. Those charges can prevent you from getting a job, obtaining housing, and even challenge your parental rights. 

When the expunge record process is complete, it gives you a second chance. When filling out a job application, it means you can check the box ‘no’ when it asks if a judge or jury found you guilty of a felony. This is a great sense of relief when starting your life over

Peace of Mind

Hiring an expungement lawyer, even for a felony expungement, makes everything go smoothly. A good attorney knows how to prevent any mistakes that may clog up the proceedings. 

An attorney knows where to look for the proper paperwork, so you don’t have to waste time looking for what you need. Don’t waste your valuable time looking for things that are difficult to find and locate.  

It may cost money to hire an expungement lawyer, but it will give you peace of mind knowing it’s done correctly. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong and then start the process over. 

An Expungement Lawyer Can Help You

Hiring an expungement lawyer can help you by helping with the process, clearing your name, and giving you peace of mind.

Contact us and let us help give you a second chance at life to expunge your record.  

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