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What to Do If You’re in an at Fault Car Accident

at fault car accident

If you’re in an at fault car accident, it’s crucial that you find the right lawyer—and fast. That’s because the accident—while unpleasant in itself—may be only the beginning. Legal issues from an at fault car accident may be even worse.

There are more than six million car accidents each year in the U.S.—or 16,000 per day. That means you’re not alone.

In fact, car accidents are so common that there are attorneys who specialize in handling them. But beware: not every lawyer who’s willing to handle at fault car accidents has the skill to do so. You need an expert.

Depending on your choice of lawyer, your case may be a breeze—or a tornado. Read on to learn what you’re looking for in a traffic lawyer.

Do You Really Need a Lawyer for an At-Fault Car Accident?

Dealing with an at fault car accident is risky business. Even if you can navigate the system on your own, you shouldn’t.

Potential risks include insurance headaches, documentation, factual disputes, and even criminal charges. With so many pitfalls, it’s vital that you get help. And not just any lawyer will do.

Find a Lawyer Who Handles Car Accidents

You don’t simply need a lawyer; you need a traffic lawyer. Thankfully, they’re not hard to find. Depending on where you live, a simple Google search will most likely return plenty of results.

To narrow down your search results, try legal review sites like Avvo. In addition to searching by keyword, you can also search by a specific lawyer’s name. These sites also allow you to sort and filter by client rating and other criteria.

While searching, be sure to view the lawyer’s website. Once there, you can confirm their practice areas and even search for relevant words like “car accident.”

After you’ve identified some potential candidates to represent you, check their credentials. Just because someone has a law degree doesn’t mean they’re fully licensed.

So how do you verify that the lawyer you’re considering is authorized to practice law? It’s actually pretty simple. Just check online through your state’s bar association.

Keep Records

A skilled and experienced traffic lawyer can do a lot to protect you. Once you’ve found one, they’ll guide you throughout the whole process. But one thing that’s always vital for handling an at fault car accident: record-keeping.

Legal documentation can feel like a maze. Fortunately, your traffic attorney will help you navigate it. But their job—and your life—will be much easier if you take care to preserve all relevant information.

Here’s some important information you should hold onto:

  • Photos of the damage and environment
  • Names and contact information of everyone involved—including witnesses
  • License plate numbers
  • Police reports
  • Time of day
  • Location
  • Road hazards
  • Weather conditions
  • Insurance information for you and the other driver(s)

Don’t Wait

Now you know what to do if you’re in an at fault car accident. It’s important that you act now. Your personal risk will increase the longer you go without professional representation. 

Get started by scheduling a free consultation.

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