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3 Benefits of Taking a Plea Deal

Getting arrested is a raw deal. But a trial may be even worse. 

Weeks of proceedings and jury selections result in a court session. A jury of people you don’t know hears evidence from prosecutors who want you in prison. The jury may acquit you, but whatever decision they make determines your entire future. 

You can regain control with a plea deal. You and your lawyers make an arrangement with the prosecutor. You plead guilty, and the prosecutor makes accommodations for you. 

It may sound difficult, but a plea deal can work for you. Here are three benefits to a plea deal.

1. A Plea Deal Creates an Expedited Process

Trials themselves take a few days. It’s pre-trial conferences that drag the process out. Judges meet with lawyers, lawyers meet with each other, and lawyers meet with you. 

Many prosecutors have jampacked schedules. They work on multiple cases at once, prioritizing the most immediate deadlines. Court proceedings get rescheduled and delayed to let prosecutors juggle their workload. 

Plea deals speed the process up. Pleading guilty means pre-trial conferences are no longer necessary. You, your lawyers, and the prosecutors can jump to the sentencing phase. 

Plea deals mean that proceedings receive less publicity. You and your family can preserve your privacy without intrusion from the media. Prosecutors will also not investigate your background as much. 

You don’t have to sit and wait for months, wondering about the outcome of your trial. You can move on with your life.

2. A Plea Deal Reduces Charges and Sentences

Every plea deal is different. But most deals reduce charges, sometimes converting felonies down to misdemeanors. Since many employers turn down applicants for felony convictions, being charged with a misdemeanor could save your career. 

Your sentences are also reduced. Prison sentences could be changed to time served plus probation. You need to follow your probation rules, but you will avoid going back to prison. 

Misdemeanors do not apply to three-strikes laws, so you will avoid mandatory sentences if convicted of a misdemeanor. Future prosecutors may be more willing to extend deals if you accept a plea deal now. 

3. A Plea Deal Saves You Money

Plea deals reduce the time you need your lawyer for. The less time you need your lawyer, the less money you have to pay to them. 

Plea deals could result in sentencing fines being dropped. Most felony charges carry fines up to $25,000. You will save money by avoiding a felony conviction. 

By keeping you out of jail, plea deals allow you to work. Without the distraction of a publicized trial, your family can also earn money. 

Call a Lawyer

A plea deal is the real deal. You need to consider your options before making one. But plea deals do have significant benefits. 

Plea deals expedite a long and exhausting legal process. They reduce charges and sentences, freeing you from felony convictions. They save you money by keeping you out of jail and avoiding fees. 

Consult with a lawyer before any proceeding. Fliszar Law Office, LLC has a team with decades of experience in tackling criminal, animal, and traffic law. Contact us today, or call us at 484-498-4100. 

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