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How to Fight a Traffic Ticket: Your Best Strategies

how to fight a traffic ticket

Traffic tickets cost time and money. Once you pay down the fines, you still have to worry about skyrocketing car insurance rates and points on your license.

According to a recent study, a 40-year-old driver with good credit and full coverage can expect to pay $355 more for insurance after one speeding ticket. Points on your driving record also lead to a suspended or revoked license.

Are you looking for information on how to fight a traffic ticket? Keep reading to learn more about the best strategies, the right time to fight, and how to compose yourself for court.

Best Strategies for How to Fight a Traffic Ticket

Were you wrongly accused of a traffic violation? You can contest the ticket. It’s a long shot, only 5% of drivers fight their tickets, but you could get off if the citation contains an error or if you persuade the judge.

You’ll need to prove that the officer was wrong, your conduct was a reasonable error, legally justified or necessary to avoid harm.

Here are five other options to consider:

  • Get your ticket dismissed by taking a defensive driving course
  • Request a deferral to prove you won’t get another ticket
  • Delay your court date to see if circumstances change
  • Seek mitigation (you plead guilty but get to explain what happened)
  • Ask the Clerk of the Court to knock down your charges

Remember, every state has its own laws and regulations. Make sure whatever you decide to do is appropriate for where you live or where you got the ticket.

When Should You Dispute a Traffic Ticket?

Drivers fight tickets for many reasons. Some drivers believe they were wrongfully accused. Others don’t want points on their license or higher insurance rates.

In the case of DUI or DWI, drivers may want to seal their legal records, avoid jail time, or lower fines.

You may have a compelling case on your own, but if you really need to get out of a ticket your best bet is hiring a traffic lawyer. They have the legal expertise and court rapport to help you.

Dress for Success When Contesting Traffic Tickets

When standing up for your rights in court, make sure you’re dressed for success.

It’s common sense to dress professionally, but you should also be calm and focused. Most importantly, be organized with all of your research, testimony, or pictures to not waste the court’s time.

Lawyers recommend writing down every detail after an arrest or citation. It could be months before you go to court. They also recommend switching all of your social media profiles to private.

Your goal should be to show the best possible version of yourself.

Need Professional Help? Call a Fliszar Law Traffic Lawyer

Sometimes the best thing you can do is hire a professional traffic lawyer. We understand the ins and outs of the law, and most importantly, how to fight a traffic ticket.

The Fliszar Law Office blog is full of useful articles on what to do when you’re facing a serious crime and how to increase your chances of a dismissal. We are e a full-service legal firm specializing in DUI offenses, drug offenses, traffic violations, and animal law.

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