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Speed Kills: What to Do if You’ve Received a Speeding Ticket

Every state has basic speed laws everyone must adhere to, but these laws are the most commonly broken in the United States.

Getting a speeding ticket requires a bit more effort than simply paying a fine, especially if you want to dispute it.

So if you were issued a speeding ticket or just want to prepare, check out this guide on dealing with one productively.

What to Do After Getting Caught Speeding

If you got caught speeding by a police officer, be sure to stay calm and collected.

After retrieving your driver’s license and car registration, keep your hands on the wheel and avoid using a combative tone with the officer. Accept your ticket and take a moment to reflect on the mistake.

Avoid paying the ticket before hiring a lawyer and see if you qualify for a fee reduction. Paying the fee without consultation will prevent you from qualifying for a fee reduction, fee removal, or other mitigation options.

What to Do After Getting a Speeding Ticket

When dealing with a speeding ticket, your options are limited to paying the ticket, disputing the ticket, or relieving some of the consequences of the ticket.

Regardless of which route you choose, getting legal help will assist you each step of the way.

Seek Legal Help

Getting a good lawyer is vital if you want the best outcome for your speeding ticket.

If you’re looking for a lower fine, getting a fee reduction is nearly impossible without a good attorney. A speeding ticket lawyer can also help you reduce or eliminate your fees by opting for other options, like taking a driving course.

But getting a lawyer for your ticket isn’t just about reducing fees. Lawyers help dispute insurance rate increases, extra fines, and other penalties that accrue as a result of your ticket. 

Pay, Dispute, or Mitigate

Your lawyer will help you figure out whether it’s in your best interest to fight your ticket or simply pay it. Don’t pay a speeding ticket online until you’ve received some guidance.

If you both decide to dispute or mitigate your ticket, consult with your lawyer again and discuss your ideal outcome.

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket?

The speeding ticket cost varies based on which state it was issued in. The fine amount also depends on your speed, and most states add an incremental amount to every mile per hour above the speed limit.

Breaking the speed limit in a school zone adds even more to your fee. 

Some states, like Pennsylvania, give demerit points for each traffic violation. Accumulation of these points on your record leads to mandatory driving exams and increased auto insurance rates.

Talk to your lawyer for advice about the possibility of reducing your ticket fees. While getting a reduction is difficult, it’s not impossible if you have a reasonable dispute.

Dealing With Your Ticket the Right Way

Getting a speeding ticket is frustrating, but that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it alone.

If you were issued a speeding ticket, we’re here to help you. The lawyers at Fliszar Law offer free consultation appointments. Feel free to contact us and get expert advice about how to handle your ticket with ease.

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